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Keep calm and download the e-book guide to Azure cloud migration

Cloud migration should be game-changing, not nerve-wracking. In our guide, we offer tips and tools to help you create a strong foundation for a smooth move.

 What you’ll learn in the Azure migration guide

  • Making the most out of your migration
  • Discover where you are now and create your strategy
  • Integrate the right tools to reach your goals
  • Optimize to realize the full benefits of the cloud
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Cloud migration is one of the most important transitions an organization can make, and it’s crucial to get it right. Breaking migration down into three main phases—discover, integrate, and optimize—will set you up for success. We explain how to prepare for your move, choose the tools and technologies that will get you where you want to be, and maximize performance while minimizing costs.

Migrating to Azure? Make your move with confidence

Migrating your enterprise IT operations to the cloud can help your business unlock the flexibility and agility it needs to deliver better business outcomes in a digital future. At the same time, it’s a complex project that presents plenty of challenges, including how to:

  • Control costs
  • Protect your apps, data, and infrastructure
  • Maintain the same performance and SLA levels as on-premises
  • Do it all on a deadline as your cloud mandate clock ticks away

When you’re moving to a new household, it’s smart to call on movers to help you do the heavy lifting. When you’re moving to the cloud, it’s smart to call on NetApp, which offers a powerful, Microsoft-trusted suite of solutions for a safe and smooth migration to Azure.

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