Azure insiders don’t just hit quotas—they knock them out of the park

NetApp’s All-Star Azure Sales Plays cover all the business-critical bases. And with an all-star lineup of co-sell slams, you’ll hit your quota so fast that it’ll be going, going … gone!


Why become a NetApp on Azure Insider?

Because retiring scorecards is like baseball: a numbers game. Let’s add them up: 12 IP co-sell prioritized solutions + 38k customer upgrade opportunities x 30% bonus for co-sell plays = sales acceleration in a single click.

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CEO-oh my what a strong partnership we have

NetApp and Microsoft have been helping customers crush the curveballs of cloud data management for over 20 years. The fact that Microsoft uses NetApp internally tells you that our partnership runs as deep as our shared commitment to unlock the best of Azure for our joint customers.

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This is major league partner alignment

St. Luke’s Hospital

Many vendors tried, but only NetApp received Epic’s “High Comfort” rating.

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CONA Services

Migrating one of the largest scale-out HANA databases on the planet to Azure, and we pulled it off.

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BWT Alpine F1 Team

Everyone is innovating at the speed innovation. But we’ve already won the race. 

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Sizzling sales reel

See what our most valued (and biggest) customers have to say about Azure NetApp Files.

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SAP on Azure: The Complete Guide

Ever have a customer say, “What is SAP on Azure?” It’s a deceptively simple question. Good thing we wrote the guide on how to answer it.

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AVS Blog

Managing storage-heavy VMware workloads on-premises that need to move to the cloud? Azure NetApp Files support for Azure VMware Solution datastores now makes that possible.

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NetApp and Microsoft drive innovation in customer experience

Discover how our partnership is innovating the customer experience today and future-proofing tomorrow.

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Azure NetApp Files Backup: Not your typical introduction

Get the full story on why (and how) customers get better data protection for Azure NetApp Files with Azure NetApp Files Backup.

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Grab a mop. We’re overfilling your cloud bucket.

100% of every ANF dollar is yours. And there’s a 30% uplift for co-sell plays. Let’s not play hardball about this.

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