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Why storage can make or break your SAP cloud migration

If your SAP cloud performance is struggling, it could be your storage. Ironically, storage services are often overlooked during migration planning for many SAP customers. But the fact is 93% of companies say that their cloud migration processes can be meaningfully improved.

In this new e-book, Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) identifies the challenges companies often face when migrating their SAP workloads. Among them: high cost of moving data, security concerns, backup issues.

Learn more about how to optimize your SAP migration and why ESG calls Azure NetApp Files a “tremendous value.” 

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Migration challenges

    • High costs

    • 31%  of IT professionals cited the high cost of moving data.

    • Security concerns

    • 27% cited implementing security off-premises.

    • Backup issues

    • 25% worried about backup, archive, and disaster recovery of data.

Why migrate SAP using Azure NetApp Files

For companies considering SAP migrations, selecting the right storage infrastructure can be a game-changer. It can mean the difference between achieving business objectives or refactoring workloads. With Azure NetApp Files, you get a native cloud storage solution on Azure that provides the right features for accelerating SAP workloads and migrations.

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