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: The uninvited guest

Keep your AWS party invite-only

Your AWS account is like a party. Team up with the NetApp® BlueXP™ protection service using NetApp Cloud Insights with Cloud Secure before shady characters ruin the vibe. Sign up for your free 30-day trial and get $500 in AWS credits.

It’s closing time for ransomware

See how the Cloud Secure feature defeats ransomware, optimizes your data, and gets your business back on track. 

Ransomware invades your data and your wallet

    • 41%

    • Estimated increase of ransomware-related incidents

    • $170B

    • The total cost to businesses in 2019 due to malicious activity

Why you can’t prevent ransomware

Three words: cyber threats everywhere. With attackers more motivated than ever, learn why a Zero-Trust approach is the only way to go.

Prevent Ransomware PDF

Anatomy of a ransomware attack

Deletion. Encryption. Exfiltration. Those are some scary words – unless you have Cloud Insights with Cloud Secure.

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Defeat ransomware with Cloud Secure

Identify, understand, and defeat possible attacks with the power of advanced reporting and auditing.

Monitor and detect

Zero Trust and AI keep a watchful eye on your data.

Defend and restore

Snapshot™ copies help you recover data fast.

 Inform and analyze

Detailed insights and audit reports help protect your data.

Observe and scale

Monitor your entire network with enhanced security.

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