Unleash the full power of Oracle on AWS 

Migration and database management strategies for AWS and Oracle

Confidently move your most complex Oracle databases to AWS at speeds you didn’t think were possible. Migrate, optimize, and protect your database workloads to reap the benefits of a hybrid cloud.

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Migration made easy

Lift-and-shift Oracle databases to AWS while retaining the full features and capabilities of your on-premises instances. Reduce the need to refactor or change existing application components. With NetApp, you can migrate tier-1 workloads faster.

Automate management and optimization

Achieve optimized performance and scalability from a hybrid cloud with unified data management. Build enterprise-grade Oracle applications, autoscaling storage capacity and performance. Pay only for what you use—lower your TCO by up to 70%.

Efficient and effective disaster recovery

Oracle databases require high availability to prevent downtime. Replicate production databases across multiple fault-tolerant Availability Zones to enhance disaster recovery. Reduce backup times from hours to minutes.

Migrate critical Oracle workloads for cloud flexibility

Deploy Oracle on AWS with Cloud Volumes ONTAP, a self-managed storage solution, or Amazon FSx for NetApp ONTAP, a fully managed, native AWS file service.

Run Oracle more efficiently with this comprehensive data management solution

Cloud Volumes ONTAP data management software delivers control, efficiency, and protection to your Oracle applications. Achieve higher IOPS than Amazon EBS at 70% lower storage cost with storage efficiencies and cold-data tiering to S3 object storage.

AWS configures and manages your cloud infrastructure so you don’t have to

This fully managed cloud service delivers high performance, availability, and protection for your Oracle database deployments. Choose a performance level that suits your application requirements and get guaranteed SLAs.

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By migrating our legacy systems to NetApp, we have achieved an 80% saving in TCO, in addition to a 75% saving in physical space. NetApp has delivered an incredible price and performance advantage. For a fraction of our previous annual maintenance expenditure, we have modernized our two data centers with all-new NetApp solutions.

Manfred Chan, Senior Manager of Computing Services Center, City University Hong Kong

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Meet with an Oracle on AWS specialist

Managing Oracle databases at scale is complicated. Don’t go it alone. NetApp has expertise and services you need to meet the demands of your Oracle infrastructure. Schedule a one-to-one discussion of your use cases and goals with Oracle on AWS.

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