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Sushmita Ruj, ISI Kolkata - July 2016


August 11, 2016


Sushmita Ruj

The aim of this project is to make cloud data secure, available and accessible to authorized users. To protect against disk crashes, multiple copies of data might be stored. The cloud service provider (CSP) should abide by the terms of the Service Level Agreement (SLA). However, the CSP can be untrusted and might delete or modify data. To protect against this, data auditing is required. However, unlike maintaining transaction logs, the CSP should be able to prove the data owner that the data is intact and the data can be retrieved correctly. Proofs of storage are thus important. Data owner might also wish to delegate the auditing task to a third party. Thus, it is important that the third party performs the audit, without even knowing the content. This is known as privacy preserving data auditing. Most of the techniques are not practical for the dynamic case (where client can modify data) and multi-server model. In this project, we will aim at designing practical and provably secure privacy-preserving auditing schemes. We will use techniques from authenticated data structures, signature schemes, cryptographic accumulators, secure network coding to solve the problem.

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