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Puru Kulkarni & Umesh Bellur (IIT-Bombay) July 2017 - Provisioning and managing SSD/NVM-based disk caching in derivative clouds


August 02, 2017


Puru Kulkarni & Umesh Bellur

Flash-based non-volatile storage devices (SSDs) have been widely used for disk caching in data-center infrastructure setups. With virtualization enabled hosting, SSD cache partitioning and provisioning is an important management question for resource controllers to ensure disk IO performance guarantees. While this problem has received considerable attention in the server-side cache management domain, the following gaps remain and we aim to explore them: Inclusive vs. exclusive disk caching SSD/NVM-based disk caching for containers SSD/NVM-based caching for nested containers in derivative cloud setups Implications with NVM adoption

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