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Hakim Weatherspoon, Cornell University - July 2010


July 16, 2010


Hakim Weatherspoon

Cloud computing has the potential to change computing and society: yesterday, we stored photos and email and other materials on our personal computers and accessed remote content through browsers; today, the balance has shifted—the content is on the web (“in the cloud”), and increasingly, applications run there as well.On the positive side, this new architecture is igniting a wave of innovation and development. It promises to catalyze the technology economy, revolutionizing health care, financial systems, scientific research, and of course society. Yet many of these uses demand properties that todayʼs cloud platforms either struggle to provide efficiently or lack altogether: energy efficiency, robustness and availability despite failure, security and integrity of data.This research aims to enable a series of transformative advances in the art of cloud computing and design of next generation datacenters, making them more reliable, and less wasteful in using energy, without compromising quality of performance. Success will enable cloud computing to continue to change computing and society.

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