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Yodea: Workload Pattern Assessment Tool for Cloud Migration


February 05, 2019


Rukma Talwadker and Cijo George, NetApp

2018 IEEE International Conference on Cloud Computing Technology and Science (CloudCom) 10-13 Dec. 2018

As the news around cloud repatriations gets real, many cloud technologists associate them with poor understanding of the applications and their usage patterns by the enterprises. Our solution, Yodea, is a tool cum methodology to analyze work-load patterns in the light of cloud suitability. We bring forward compute patterns which can benefit from cloud economics with on-demand compute scaling. Yodea further ranks workloads in terms of their cloud suitability on the basis of these metrics. After the fact analysis of storage workloads for a customer install-base, features 38% of the "already in cloud" volumes in the top 100 ranked list by Yodea.


A copy of the paper can be found at:

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