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Standardizing Storage Clusters: Will pNFS become the new standard for parallel data access?


November 01, 2007


Garth Goodson, Sai Susarla, and Rahul Iyer

This article discusses pNFS (parallel NFS), a protocol that is being standardized as part of the NFSv4.1 specification to bridge the gap between current NFS protocols and parallel cluster file system interfaces.

Data-intensive applications such as data mining, movie animation, oil and gas exploration, and weather modeling generate and process huge amounts of data. File-data access throughput is critical for good performance. To scale well, these HPC (high-performance computing) applications distribute their computation among numerous client machines. HPC clusters can range from hundreds to thousands of clients with aggregate I/O demands ranging into the tens of gigabytes per second.

In ACM Queue magazine, Volume 5, Issue 6, pages 20–27, 2007


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