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NFS Server-side Copy


August 15, 2010


J. Lentini, A. Madan, and T. Myklebust

This position paper was selected for presentation at the invitation-only Linux Storage and Filesystem Workshop.

In this paper, the authors proposed to discuss the design and implementation issues involved in introducing a new copy() system call into the Linux kernel. The goal of this session was to determine the required functionality and to obtain a general consensus on the necessary VFS interface changes. The LSF Summit offered a unique opportunity to discuss this topic and gain consensus with developers from several different file system communities.

The authors were implementing the NFS copy offload operations and associated system call(s). They proposed contributing to the discussions on API capabilities, design issues, and other VFS issues. In addition, the authors proposed providing insights into different design trade-offs in the VFS layer, and also proposed reporting on the progress of their implementation.  

In Proceedings of the Linux Storage and Filesystem Workshop 2010 (LSF ’10)


The proposal for this talk can be found at:

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