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Italian for Beginners: The Next Steps for SLO-Based Management


July 17, 2011


L.N. Bairavasundaram, G. Soundararajan, V. Mathur, K. Voruganti, and S. Kleiman.

This paper investigates the reasons for slow adoption of SLOs and discusses ideas using SLOs that can truly simplify storage management.

Literature is rife with compelling ideas on simplifying storage management using service-level objectives (SLOs). However, very few of these ideas have actually been productized, despite the fact that many of the original ideas came from industry and were developed more than a decade ago. While many good research ideas do not become products, in this case, we believe that there are important reasons why adoption has been slow.

In Proceedings of the USENIX Workshop on Hot Topics in Storage and File Systems  2011 (HotStorage ’11)


A copy of the paper is attached to this posting. hotstorage11-lakshmi.pdf

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