NetApp’s paper publication history demonstrates a compelling thought leadership within its industry. Several “Test of Time” awards have been given to NetApp papers for having content that remained vibrant and useful for 10 or more years. NetApp authors regularly appear in some of the top premier conferences. A list of NetApp authored, or co-authored papers published through peer-reviewed conferences or journals is provided below.

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HashTag: Fast Lookup in a Persistent Memory Filesystem

Backdoor Attacks Against Dataset Distillation

CERBERUS: Exploring Federated Prediction of Security Events 

Finding MNEMON: Reviving Memories of Node Embeddings

Amplifying Membership Exposure via Data Poisoning

On the Privacy Risks of Cell-Based NAS Architectures

Beating the I/O bottleneck: a case for log-structured virtual disks

BetrFS: a compleat file system for commodity SSDs

HintStor: A Framework to Study I/O Hints in Heterogeneous Storage

Survey of Distributed File System Design Choices

Making QUIC Quicker with NIC Offload

Neural Trees: Using Neural Networks as an Alternative to Binary Comparison in Classical Search Trees

Scalable Coordination of Hierarchical Parallelism

PracExtractor: Extracting Configuration Good Practices from Manuals to Detect Server Misconfigurations

Towards Securing the Internet of Things with QUIC

Countering Fragmentation on an Enterprise Storage System

Prism: Proxies without the Pain

Towards Understanding the Robustness Against Evasion Attack on Categorical Data 

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