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In this session, we will cover how AI can contribute to furthering the Quadruple Aim by improving patient care, reducing clinician burnout, helping the overall care experience, and lowering overall costs. We will cover specific use cases and focus on what is necessary to successfully start an AI program and deploy its results into production. We will show what the unique value propositions NetApp brings to data science teams, including the AI Control Plane, the Data Science Toolkit, the Machine Learning Version Control framework, and the concept of a turnkey Data Science as a Service environment meant to reduce shadow IT/AI.

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Key takeaways

  • NetApp and NVIDIA understand the pain points data science teams experience, and have solutions to improve their lives
  • The promise of AI in healthcare is being delayed due to friction introduced by infrastructure and data siloing; as well as poor data strategy and governance
  • NetApp can help consolidate data silos and craft an overarching data strategy
  • NetApp and NVIDIA can deliver much more than AI infrastructure
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Ray Deiotte

Pursuit Business Development Manager

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Esteban Ruben

Pursuit Business Development Manager

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