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Why Google Chooses NetApp

NetApp engineered solutions help solve the high-performance needs Google requires to produce, manage, and edit complex content delivered to billions of unique users around the world per second. Across multiple platforms and environments, the Google infrastructure continuously manages extreme bandwidth workloads.

NetApp’s industry-leading solutions provide the non-disruptive collaboration and scaling capabilities needed to build advanced hybrid-cloud platforms and mission-critical business systems. Our software and hardware architecture provide seamless and secure single storage buckets, scaling in capacity upwards of 20PB and performance up to 24 nodes in a single namespace.

We are here to remove the complexity in today’s cloud world. Let us help build and manage your cloud network, accelerate IT through programmable automation, and do more with your data to meet current business objectives while future-proofing your environment for growth.

We understand your challenges

Data is your lifeblood. It’s ours too. Our goal at NetApp is to help you collaborate, create, and realize your goals, as well as your customers’, through fast, easy, secure access to your data, wherever you choose to store it and however and whenever you want to access it. We protect that data as though it were our own. That is our mission, to support your creativity and your purpose.

Your Cloud Applications. Our Data Expertise.

Perform reliably and cost-effectively—and never lose control of data throughout the Google hybrid and multi-cloud ecosystem.

Cloud Solutions
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SaaS Backup

Protect your application data in the event of accidental deletion or corruption with this SaaS offering.

Cloud Sync

Move and continuously synchronize data between on-premises and Google Cloud storage.

NetApp Private Storage (NPS) for Cloud

Use compute and network resources in the cloud while leveraging data on an asset you own.

Cloud Volumes ONTAP

Our core storage operating system can run in Google’s co-location data centers so customers and business units can stretch existing infrastructure—providing a cloud-like data transfer capabilities.


Deliver object storage for web-scale applications, support common cloud APIs, and provide massive scalability with advanced information lifecycle management policies.

Cloud Backup

Back up data to Google Cloud or private clouds to significantly reduce long-term retention costs.

Artificial Intelligence: Powered by NVIDIA

When the data authority for hybrid cloud partners with the leader in compute for AI, Google wins.


Simplify, accelerate, and integrate your data pipeline for deep learning: NetApp ONTAP AI proven architecture, powered by NVIDIA DGX supercomputers and NetApp cloud-connected, all-flash storage.

Streamline the flow of data reliably and speed up training and inference with the Data Fabric that spans from edge to core to cloud.

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StorageGRID Object Storage

The next generation of object storage.

Your Data at Scale

Google’s global media needs require scalable solutions that can optimize globally distributed workloads.

StorageGRID can automatically place your rich-media content in the right location, at the right time, and on the right storage tier, optimizing workflows and lowering overall costs of your globally distributed content. And these object stores support industry-standard object APIs for Google Cloud.

Supported by FabricPool for private object storage, StorageGRID allows you to scale your unstructured data for secure, durable object storage.

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Flash Storage

With the industry’s most cloud-integrated, all-flash storage and the most flexibility to support new flash technologies, NetApp makes it easy for you to take advantage of innovations in flash without disrupting your business.

Accelerate Google’s business with our flash storage portfolio

In today's data intensive climate, experience is critical, and we have it. 

We offer enterprise class scale-out, all-flash storage with the industry's most advanced data management capabilities. These solutions are designed to help you reduce support costs by up to 67% while increasing performance by at least 3x; consume 11x less power while using 11x less rack space; all on a platform that allows you to set up and serve data within 10 minutes.

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Data Fabric

NetApp hybrid cloud solutions for the Data Fabric combine best-in-class technologies and partnerships across a variety of use cases.

From the Cloud to the Edge—manage all the environments as one ecosystem

Protect and rapidly restore data with integrated backup and disaster recovery. Increase application performance with 20x faster response times, making it possible to easily move your data where it's needed across flash, disk, and cloud resources. 

With NetApp ONTAP 9 you can manage your data from a single interface and build a hybrid cloud that seamlessly spans flash, disk, and cloud. Support massive NAS containers with FlexGroup, scaling up to 20PB and 400 billion files, with high performance and resiliency so you can become faster, more agile, and more responsive to changing business needs. Deploy both SAN and NAS workloads on a unified storage architecture, and deploy new solutions in less than 10 minutes with fast provisioning templates.

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