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NetApp is helping Chevron change the way it delivers and consumes IT services.

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Why Chevron Chooses NetApp

Our Partnership

We have the data management strategies to support the evolution of your service delivery model. As well as the technology you need to enable business-enhancing innovations such as analytics, machine learning, deep learning and IoT. We make it secure, efficient and cost-effective to move data anywhere it needs to be. From industrial field devices to the cloud to decision makers, and everywhere in between.

A 15 year partnership

  • 90PB

    Of data across 1,500 systems

  • 28

    Supported Chevron entities in 17 countries

  • 0

    Unplanned downtime in the last 8 years

We understand your challenges.

Data is your lifeblood. It’s ours too. Our goal at NetApp is to help you collaborate, create, and realize your goals, as well as your customers’, through fast, easy, secure access to your data, wherever you choose to store it and however and whenever you want to access it. We protect that data as though it were our own. That is our mission, to support your creativity and your purpose.

We are ready to support your IT latest initiatives

Cloud-enabled data management

NetApp has the #1 data operating system for managing data in hybrid cloud and on-premises environments.

Together, we’ll harness the power of a common platform across environments that enables business in new ways.

Here’s how we support your Azure environment
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Service delivery optimization and cost reduction

We’ll help you move from an infrastructure-based operating model to a more flexible and efficient service delivery model.

Read more about how
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Ansible as your automation platform of choice

No one has completed more automation work with Red Hat Ansible than NetApp.

We happen to use it too
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Chevron Tech Talk webcast series

They’re created specifically to address your data management challenges.

Check out the entire library Tech Talks
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