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Why Cisco Chooses NetApp

We are here to remove the complexity in today’s cloud world, helping you do more with your data to meet current business objectives, all while future-proofing your environment for growth. Industry-leading NetApp solutions provide the non-disruptive collaboration and scaling capabilities needed to build advanced hybrid-cloud platforms and mission-critical business systems.

NetApp ONTAP is designed on a foundation of replicating and incrementing data on a granular level to allow almost instant NetApp Snapshot™ copies, highly efficient backups, and multi-volume data deduplication. Our flash and disk systems lead the industry in all categories of performance—zero latency, hundreds of GB/s bandwidth, and millions of IOPS. This allows scale-out architectures to go even further with better performance, because NetApp systems are designed to the highest availability standards (99.9999% uptime), with zero data loss built in.

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We understand your challenges

Data is your lifeblood. It’s ours too. Our goal at NetApp is to help you collaborate, create, and realize your goals, as well as your customers’, through fast, easy, secure access to your data, wherever you choose to store it and however and whenever you want to access it. We protect that data as though it were our own. That is our mission, to support your creativity and your purpose.

Your Cloud Applications. Our Data Expertise.

Only NetApp delivers complete cloud data services on all the biggest clouds: AWS, Azure, and Google.

Integrate. Protect. Optimize. On all the biggest clouds.

Did you know that NetApp Cloud Volumes Service is currently available through all major hyperscale clouds?

NetApp's cloud solutions

Cloud Volumes Service

Go from zero to 100TB in eight seconds. Cloud-native file storage with extreme performance.

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Cloud Sync for AWS

From any source to any destination up to 10x faster. Secure, fast, automated data synchronization.

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Cloud Volumes ONTAP

Reduce up to 70% of your storage footprint. A powerful, cost-effective, and easy-to-use data management solution for your cloud workloads.

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Cloud Insights

Monitor and troubleshoot all your infrastructure assets – across both your public cloud and your private data centers.

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Confidently power AI and modernize enterprise applications with FlexPod.

Together, Cisco and NetApp have reimagined converged infrastructure with FlexPod

FlexPod and FlexPod AI

FlexPod provides support for private, public, or hybrid cloud strategies with a consistent set of data management tools for edge, private, and public clouds. This unique product combines the expertise of our two organizations (and 250 person-years of joint engineering creating 175+validated designs) eliminating costly, disruptive downtime through ONTAP or self-healing NetApp SolidFire® storage, and implementing pervasive simplicity and agility with the software-driven architecture and high performance of Cisco UCS compute.  

Its multi-protocol FAS storage platform unifies application silos, allowing NAS or SAN, file, or block storage on one converged platform with scale computing, storage, and GPU capacity—The FlexPod® Datacenter for AI solution with Cisco UCS® C480 ML M5 and Cisco UCS C-Series M5 servers stands ready to train your models for faster insight. To date, this product has sold 6,000+ petabytes, resulting in $13.5B+ in combined revenue, and putting FlexPod into the trusting hands of more than 9,500 of our customers worldwide. 

Learn about FlexPod datacenter for AI

ActiveIQ - Actionable Intelligence for Optimal Data Management

Predict. Prevent.

Gain continual insights from machine learning algorithms that get smarter over time and follow "best next actions" derived from predictive analytics to improve system health. Access your AI-derived analytics and predictions anytime, anywhere, so that you can know the benefits and effectiveness of software updates and upgrade with confidence. Simplify operational tasks with prescriptive guidance and automated firmware updates, then accelerate issue resolution using our Elio virtual support agent. 

Active IQ-product brief
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Flash Storage

With the industry’s most cloud-integrated all-flash storage and the most flexibility to support new flash technologies, NetApp makes it easy for you to take advantage of innovations in flash without disrupting your business.

Accelerate Your Business with Our Flash Storage Portfolio

In today's storage infrastructure climate, experience is critical, and we have it. 

We offer enterprise class scale-out, all-flash storage with the industry's most advanced data management capabilities. These solutions are designed to help you reduce support costs by up to 67% while increasing performance by at least 3x; consume 11x less power while using 11x less rack space; all on a platform that allows you to set up and serve data within 10 minutes. 

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Keystone- A new consumption model

NetApp Keystone Delivers New Ownership Experience.

NetApp Keystone

NetApp makes it easy to buy, easy to consume, and easy to operate data services on-premises and in the major clouds. And we give you the flexibility of the business model that you're looking for: metered utilities, subscriptions or capital purchases Customers can mix and match purchases and subscriptions. Keystone offers the ability to burst to the cloud from on-premises. It’s starting with NetApp’s new systems, the A400, FAS8300 and FAS8700. NetApp services that are obtained in the public cloud are available on AWS, Azure and GCP. Utility pricing is offered with zero commitment..

  1. Choose a performance tier
  2. Pick a storage service - file, block or object.
  3. Manage it yourself Or we'll manage it for you
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