Secure Multi-Tenancy for Cloud Architecture with NetApp, Cisco, and VMware

NetApp and our partners offer secure multi-tenancy that takes the risk out of moving to a cloud infrastructure.

Isolated servers and data storage can result in low utilization, gross inefficiency, and inability to respond to changing business needs. Cloud architecture, delivering IT as a service (ITaaS), can overcome these limitations while reducing future IT spending by up to 47%. 

Security in cloud computing benefits governments, businesses, and financial and healthcare organizations. But security breaches can deter cloud adoption. NetApp, Cisco, and VMware have created an enterprise cloud architecture for server, storage, and networking hardware and software, facilitating data sharing, reuse, and dynamic data center resource allocation. 

NetApp® secure multi-tenancy isolates VMs/groups, clients, business units, security zones, and layers. The shared infrastructure employs Cisco® Nexus® 1000V and VMware® vShield™ zone technologies, and NetApp MultiStore® technology, to offer the benefits of secure multi-tenancy:

  • Integrated, secure data protection
  • Efficient, always-on infrastructure with elastic scalability
  • Simplified, unified cloud architecture and virtualized storage management for separate applications/customers
  • Increased business agility and lower costs
To learn more about our enterprise cloud solution, see the press release. For a comprehensive view of our consulting services, review our Secure Multi-Tenancy Services datasheet PDF, and consider a NetApp Enterprise Transformation Workshop.