Quantum Fibre Channel TapeSAN for McDATA

Data ONTAP™ 7.1 Solution Information

ADIC/Brocade TapeSAN Solutions for:

The Quantum solutions for fibre channel tapeSAN are listed below. All components are described in the table below. For information about switch configurations, please visit our McDATA switch page.

Data ONTAP 7.1
Platforms NetApp platforms: F800, FAS900 Series, FAS270, FAS3000 Series
V-Series (formerly gFiler): GF825, GF900 Series
NearStore: R100, R150, R200
Adapter Cards Qlogic 2342
Switch McDATA 3016, 3032, 3216, 3232 (min fw 8.01.01 4)
McDATA 6064, 6140 (min fw 8.01.01)
McDATA 4500 (min fw 8.00.00)
McDATA 4700 (min fw 8.00.01)

Quantum PX720

media changer min 1.10
tape devices HP LTO2(Native FC) min fw K4CZ
HP LTO3 (Native FC) min fw L25Z
Quantum SDLT 600 (native FC and SCSI) min V30
Quantum SDLT 320 min V82
bridge FC 470 min fw 5.3.12
  • Maximum of one drive per SCSI bus
  • Map all devices to FC port 0
  • Ensure that each FC port has a LUN 0 configured for the first device
  • PX720 Integration document
Required Setup For the FC470 follow the steps below All devices need to be mapped to FC port 0
  • Connect to the library through the management port (e.g. IP address)
  • Click on Discovery under Main Menu. Devices are being recognized under SCSI BUS (0 through 3) with UP status
  • Select the Edit/View button in the FC port 0 in the Mapping Menu page and clear out the current mapping by clicking the Clear Map button.
  • Leave the fill map priority drop down box as Bus/Target in the Fill Map section, and click Fill Map button to perform auto mapping entries for attached devices. The first device should be automatically mapped to LUN 0. Activate the settings once done.
  • Make sure no devices are mapped to FC port 1
NDMP Applications Veritas: NetBackup 4.5 and 5.1 with NDMP module