All-Flash Storage

Drive greater speed, responsiveness, and value from key business applications by using NetApp all-flash storage arrays.

Deploy NetApp® all-flash solutions to increase server CPU utilization, consolidate servers and databases, accelerate IT service delivery, and reduce database license fees.

As you expand to the hybrid cloud, use our all-flash storage arrays to optimize application performance across all your IT resources, based on our Data Fabric vision.

NetApp offers three all-flash platforms:

NetApp All Flash FAS, a true enterprise-class all-flash array, merges high performance, superior flexibility, and best-in-class data management. Accelerate your business without compromising efficiency, reliability, or IT flexibility.

NetApp SolidFire is scale-out, all-flash storage that’s highly available and easy to control—with guaranteed performance. SolidFire is architected from the ground up as the storage foundation of next-generation data centers.

NetApp EF-Series delivers extremely high application performance, reliability, and availability. Needing just 2U of rack space, EF-Series all-flash arrays combine extreme IOPS, microsecond response times, enterprise-proven availability, and up to 12GBps of bandwidth.

Learn more about how NetApp All Flash FAS systems, NetApp SolidFire all-flash arrays, and the NetApp EF560 all-flash array can speed business decisions and raise your customer satisfaction.

Make the transition to flash fast and easy with the Flash 3-4-5 promotion. The promotion gives you:

  • 3X guaranteed performance for greater agility
  • 4:1 guaranteed increase in storage efficiency for affordability
  • 5 ways to get started, including a risk-free trial, free controller upgrade, and support extension

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