NetApp Suppliers

At NetApp® we pride ourselves on being recognized globally by Fortune Magazine as a Great Place to Work. One of our goals is to form strong relationships with our suppliers. We want to provide an open environment in which to share ideas and products to produce the highest benefit for both parties. Our aim is to deliver the best possible value for our customers and shareholders based on utmost integrity and clarity.

We are proud of our relationships and want to keep them strong. We are constantly searching for new opportunities and offers, reviewing all registered suppliers and contacting them as needed.

Our Suppliers

Our suppliers are very important to the success of our business. We require the highest standards for goods and services in our new relationships. NetApp was founded with a culture of trust and integrity that we maintain today. When we form a relationship with a supplier, it’s very important that they understand and can adapt to this culture.

The nature of our business is aggressive and fast paced. We require our suppliers to be up to the challenge to help us reach our goals. We thrive on innovation to grow our business, and we need for our suppliers to demonstrate strong commitment to fostering our growth initiatives.

U.S. Supplier Diversity Program

NetApp is committed to actively fostering a diverse supply base. We are looking for qualified suppliers, large and small, from all segments of the U.S. business community. By working with small, minority, and women- owned businesses that provide a variety of products and services, we are able to meet our business objectives as well as support our neighbors and the communities in which we live and work.

Green Suppliers

At NetApp, we share in the global responsibility for protecting and preserving our environment today and for future generations, by creating energy-efficient products and also by practicing good environmental stewardship.

Through our energy management program, we have reduced energy consumption and improved energy efficiency at our own facilities. This effort includes co-generation technologies and participation in the energy demand reduction program. Through these efforts, we have achieved significant cost savings and recognition for supporting the needs of the community during periods of high electricity demand.

We are extremely interested in the efforts that our suppliers make to become more environmentally conscious. Every day we strive to reduce waste and our use of energy, and we want all of our suppliers to have the same goal.