Global Alliance Partners

VMware vCloud

Coupled with the VMware vSphere platform for cloud infrastructures,VMware vCloud Director enables customers to build secure privateclouds, transforming the way IT delivers and manages infrastructureservices. NetApp enables key integration points with vCloudDirector around the storage service catalog, provisioning, andbackup and recovery of the vCloud environment.

Strategic Alliance Partners

BMC Software

The most demanding IT organizations in the world rely on BMCSoftware across both distributed and mainframe environments.Recognized as the leader in Business Service Management, BMC'scomprehensive approach and unified platform help IT organizationscut cost, reduce risk, and drive business profit.


CA Technologies is an IT management software and solutions companywith expertise across all IT environments-from mainframe andphysical to virtual and cloud. CA Technologies manages and securesIT environments, enabling our customers to deliver more flexible ITservices. Our solutions help customers gain a level of deep insightinto, and exceptional control over, complex, mixed IT environments.The partnership with NetApp provides end-to-end automatedmanagement, including storage, to flexibly and securely deploy,provision, monitor, and recycle shared infrastructure.

Advantage Alliance Partners


Abiquo is the enterprise cloud management software company. Abiquoenables IT organizations to manage globally deployed cloudinfrastructures with unlimited physical resources through a "singlepane of glass". Abiquo integration with NetApp storage into thoseclouds, giving customers scalable storage flexibility and capacityfor their infrastructures. provides service providers with the fastest path todelivering their own cloud services by offering the latest and mostadvanced software platform for building highly scalable, highlyreliable cloud computing environments. powers large-scaleclouds that have been built on the company's market-leading opensource cloud computing solution, including clouds for KT, TataCommunications, and Nokia. technologies can be deployedon the premises or as hosted cloud services.


Cloupia, a cloud automation and management software provider,offers a suite of cloud computing products and solutions to powernext-generation dynamic data centers. The Cloupia UnifiedInfrastructure Controller provides monitoring, management, andprovisioning of NetApp storage systems.


DynamicOps provides the industry's most flexible platform forrapidly automating the delivery and management of private cloudservices. Time to value is quantifiably faster than other vendorofferings or in-house development. Equally unique is the governanceDynamicOps gives IT, which can now provide different on-demandcompute services to different groups in different ways.


FireScope's suite of products includes Unify™ BusinessService Management (BSM), Orchestrate™ ConfigurationManagement Database (CMDB), and Comply™. FireScope and NetAppwork closely together to enable enterprises to align their storagemanagement strategy with the business to optimize business outcomesand user experiences.


fluidOps partnership with NetApp to enable customers to fullyautomate their data centers, from the infrastructure layer up tothe application layer. The tight integration betweeneCloudManager™ and NetApp storage systems enables enterprisesto leverage their entire IT stack and bring their heavymission-critical enterprise applications to the cloud.

Gale Technologies

Gale provides resource management, cloud orchestration, andself-service automated provisioning for IT resources. Gale deliversa highly adaptable software platform that integrates NetApp®storage solutions into cohesive end-to-end provisioning templatesthat include physical and virtual computing, networking, andstorage resources for rapid, automated provisioning of completeenvironments-together with resource optimization and utilizationtracking.


InControl Software enables seamless and agile proactive SLAmanagement of any public, private or hybrid NetApp based cloudecosystems. Whether you want to monitor your real-time SLAsproactively, generate reports and invoicing output, or provide acustomer interface, InControl Software meets and protects the mostchallenging SLAs known in the enterprise world. InControl Softwaredelivers tangible ROI to any organization by reducing thecomplexity of storage service delivery and bridges the gap betweentechnology and business deliverables.

iWave Software

Independent provider of enterprise cloud management and data centerautomation solutions that lower the cost and complexity of managingagile, on-demand IT infrastructures. iWave Orchestrator offersout-of-the box solutions to the five essential cloud servicemanagement processes: Self-Service Commissioning, AutomatedDisaster Recovery, Closed-Loop Change Management, WorkloadManagement, and Fault Remediation.


ManageIQ is a leading provider of enterprise cloud automation andvirtual management. Our solutions, built on the EVM AdaptiveManagement Platform, provide the essential insight, control,automation, and integration that enterprises need to manage theirvirtual environments, rapidly enable private clouds, andstrategically evolve to hybrid cloud computing.


Netuitive provides predictive analytics software for IT. Based onnine patented technologies, including its Behavior Learning Engine,Netuitive replaces human guesswork with automated mathematics,analysis, and correlation across multiple IT domains to improve theperformance of systems, business services and virtualinfrastructures.


newScale is the leading provider of self-service, service catalog,and lifecycle management software for cloud computing andvirtualized dynamic data centers. By combining newScale withNetApp's secure multi-tenant architecture, enterprises can deploy aprivate or a hybrid cloud, and service providers can deliver IaaSwith greater agility, governance, and control.


Nimsoft provides unified IT management solutions for monitoring andservice management. The company's solutions offer broad support forIT processes and infrastructure elements, including servers,networks, NetApp® storage, virtualized data centers, hostedand managed services, and cloud platforms, with more than 1,000service provider, cloud, and enterprise customers globally.

Univa UD

Univa is a leading provider of cloud management software. Companiesworldwide use Univa award-winning products to build and manageinternal cloud infrastructures, leverage public cloud services, andenable cloud offerings for clients.