NetApp—Working with IBM Global Services

Enterprise Application Acceleration

The enterprise application acceleration solution builds a reliable content delivery network infrastructure designed to relieve network congestion. Network Appliance and IBM Global Services work with you to design and implement a content delivery network with caching devices at the edge to store and serve the latest versions of the application interface files. Users retrieve files from local caching appliances instead of a central server across the wide area network (WAN). By reducing WAN traffic and shortening the time it takes to access applications, this solution aims to reduce content delivery costs, improve bandwidth utilization, and increase employee productivity—ultimately helping make your company more competitive.

Solution Benefits:

  • Assist in increasing ROI of business applications by removing usage barriers
  • Decreased WAN bandwidth consumption and improved enterprise application server response
  • Help improve employee productivity due to reduced wait times for Web-based applications
  • Reduced load on infrastructure, including network and central servers, thus freeing up the central server to service more users

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