NetApp Solution for Storage as a Service

NetApp solutions and experience enable service providers to rapidly deploy storage as a service characterized by repeatable, automated provisioning that helps you deliver consistent, cost-effective storage services.

NetApp helps you quickly build and deploy performance-optimized storage and data protection services with low cost and predictable service levels.

Provisioning of new storage is realized in a fraction of the time that conventional approaches take with our FlexClone® and thin provisioning technologies. They provide you with the ability to rapidly clone and allocate storage on a just-enough, just-in-time basis, delivering the storage capacity your customers’ need—when they need it.

You can optimize your customers’ storage performance with our Flash Cache and FlexCache® solutions. Flash Cache cards are solid-state storage cards that help improve read rate and reduce latency. Our FlexCache is designed to accelerate performance and shorten response times by scaling out I/O capacity with a flexible caching layer, automatically serving up frequently requested or “hot” data.

We help you keep your customers’ storage services always on with NetApp integrated data protection. It can deliver backup, high-availability, disaster-recovery, security, and compliance services directly from storage, including high-speed Snapshot™ copies that increase the speed and reliability of protection.

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