Solutions for Service Providers

Monetize your storage offerings like never before. Differentiate your hosted and managed services to realize the business results you need. Drive increased service and platform revenue quickly. Open the door to greater enterprise application revenue with robust, predictable services that ensure higher customer satisfaction.

Today’s cloud and managed hosting services are rapidly changing and becoming increasingly difficult to differentiate. Advance your business now with the complete breadth of NetApp’s proven portfolio: solutions ranging from production-ready, next-generation storage to object and file backup platforms.

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Turn IaaS into a profit center.

Take advantage of new opportunities to differentiate and grow your services and platform revenues.

  • Deliver more performance and predictability from your infrastructure.
  • Guarantee a competitive advantage to your customers.
  • Reduce the risk and time to market of deploying cloud services.

Win more customer applications.

Guarantee performance predictability. Attract more customer applications by delivering guaranteed storage Quality of Service for production applications and consolidated dev/test environments.

  • Ensure predictable performance for every volume.
  • Host business-critical applications that demand high performance.
  • Deploy applications in minutes, not months, to meet increasing customer demands.

Streamline operations by consolidating workloads and databases.

Consolidate multitenant mixed workloads and multiple applications on a single array, reducing management headaches and cutting operational costs by up to 67%.

  • Avoid up to 93% of storage performance-related issues.
  • Spend 12x less time scaling your storage to meet your growth.
  • Deploy VMs up to 15x faster.

Differentiate Services Without Cutting Prices Or Sacrificing Profitability

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How You Benefit

Define, develop, and capitalize on new market opportunities with the NetApp Fueled by SolidFire program for service providers.

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