Infrastructure Assessment Services

NetApp Infrastructure Assessment Services can reduce storage costs and risks, and improve performance and efficiency.

Boosting your return on investment (ROI) starts with a solid understanding of the many assets across your IT infrastructure. NetApp® Infrastructure Assessment Services experts help you identify and document your current assets, then recommend improvements.

NetApp Infrastructure Assessment Services include:

NetApp Efficiency and Optimization Service

We conduct regular analyses to identify underutilized assets, spot potential problems, and recommend which storage efficiency features are right for your environment.

> Efficiency & Optimization Service (PDF)

Performance Consulting Service

We provide real-time analysis across your NetApp storage infrastructure to optimize performance, utilization, and expandability.

> Performance Consulting Service (PDF)

Performance Evaluation Service

This option is a lighter version of the Performance Consulting Service for FAS and V-Series storage systems.

> Performance Evaluation Service (PDF)

Infrastructure Consulting Service

Our consultants do a comprehensive assessment of your NetApp storage infrastructure to determine how well it aligns with your business goals.

> Infrastructure Consulting Service (PDF)

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