Modernize Your Data Center, Accelerate Your Business with Cisco, NetApp, and VMware

From healthcare and service providers, to financial and educational institutions, to communications companies and enterprises of all sizes, customers in almost every industry are embracing the real value of the joint solution approach that Cisco, NetApp, and VMware are delivering every day. Our three-way partnership, themed "Imagine Virtually Anything™" helps customers just like you accelerate your goals of achieving a fully dynamic data center or shift to cloud computing.

Our trilateral collaboration helps customers around the world improve asset utilization while lowering capital and operational costs. The results many of our customers have achieved have been amazing!

You welcomed the delivery of the industry's first end-to-end secure multi-tenancy solution to help transform IT silos into shared infrastructure. Our open ecosystem of solution partners helps you ramp your solution faster while working with the solution provider that best meets your needs.

We have not been standing still. We continue to jointly develop capabilities to bring you even greater flexibility, easier administration, and enhanced security. We also look for ways to help you better use your existing assets and future-proof your IT environment for superior investment protection.

Today, for instance, Cisco, NetApp, and VMware offer the market's first certified end-to-end Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE) support for VMware-virtualized environments. This capability unifies your network fabric, including your Fibre Channel environments, on a cost-effective Ethernet platform.

Adding end-to-end FCoE support means you can reduce network cost and complexity by minimizing the number of network interface cards required to connect disparate networks along with the number of cables and switches.

"Vital to our solution is a unique service-oriented infrastructure based on the Cisco, NetApp, and VMware offering, that includes all server, storage, and networking hardware and software to facilitate sharing, reuse, and dynamic resource allocation. The announcement that VMware has validated Cisco and NetApp end-to-end FCoE in virtual environments will help us consolidate our data center infrastructure so we can achieve greater efficiency, performance, and overall cost savings."
- Rob Christ, founder and director, Databasement

Soni Jiandani, Cisco's vice president of marketing for server access virtualization, said recently in an interview [of Cisco, NetApp and VMware], "We're the only three companies that will drive FCoE from compute into the data center fabric and into the storage."

One of the many advantages that NetApp brings to the collaboration is our unified architecture. Unlike our competitors, we provide you with a future-proof platform that can nondisruptively scale as your business requires. Perhaps more important, taking a one-wire, one-storage approach to your data center dramatically simplifies your IT infrastructure while enhancing your flexibility.

"The Cisco, NetApp, and VMware solution allows us to maintain the decentralized business processes that make us competitive while centralizing IT functions to reduce costs. In less than a week, we can transform an acquisition's complex IT environment into this highly efficient infrastructure with platform, data, and policy consistencies. The cloud infrastructure makes it simple to cross-pollinate—that is, integrate high-value-add processes and applications from our new businesses and push them back out to other ExamWorks companies."
- Brian Denton, Chief Technology Officer,
ExamWorks, Inc.

The three companies also have simplified resource sharing beyond data center walls. New capabilities such as our long distance application mobility solution allow nondisruptive migration of virtual machines (VMs) and data to other data centers with minimal performance impact. Long-distance application mobility provides intelligent application workload management and nondisruptive workload balancing within VMs and among distributed data centers or cloud environments for maximum business continuity.

Secure multi-tenancy, end-to-end FCoE support, and long-distance application mobility are critical components as you shift to more advanced virtualization projects and to a cloud computing environment.

"Private cloud computing environments offer significant opportunity for cost savings and flexibility, but they also come with their own set of challenges. Working as part of the Cisco, NetApp, and VMware open partner ecosystem, we help deliver innovative solutions for clients that mitigate the many risks associated with adopting a cloud computing model so they can realize the full potential of their data center transformation."
- Bob Olwig, Vice President of Business Strategy,
World Wide Technology

Solution partners are fueling momentum and demand for solutions that enable customers to "Imagine Virtually Anything" because our open solution partner ecosystem delivers value to our partners as well. Solution partners who have embraced it are today realizing tremendous success.

You can count on us to continue working with you, with each other, and with solutions partners around the world to provide innovations and services and support your business with a modern, efficient, and flexible data center.

Join the discussion and tell us how our relationship with Cisco and VMware help you accomplish your team goals while liberating you and your people to go further, faster.

Here are some other great things people are saying about the Cisco, NetApp, and VMware relationship:

"The Cisco, NetApp, and VMware infrastructure is a game changer. We can run our entire business on an integrated and verified platform that we deployed in our data center in just a matter of hours. This infrastructure is where everybody's going to be in 2012, but we're already here. It's a solution with benefits for everyone—clients realize faster turnaround because of improved information workflow in the independent medical review process, users benefit from efficiency and improved data/application services access, ExamWorks gains competitive advantage through agility and enhanced functionality, and shareholders reap the rewards of investing in a company that is simultaneously achieving hypergrowth and shrinking IT costs."
- Brian Denton, Chief Technology Officer, ExamWorks, Inc.
"As we expanded our geographical information system capabilities and added another twenty new software applications year over year to provide enhanced services to our customers, Tucson Electric Power recognized the need to centralize our servers and storage into a virtual environment to better manage the enormous data growth and power consumption requirements. By deploying a consolidated, multi-protocol solution from these vendors, we've achieved savings of 45 to 60% in infrastructure costs annually while increasing availability, productivity, and disaster recovery capability."
- Chris Rima, Supervisor of Infrastructure Systems, Tucson Electric Power.
"The Cisco, NetApp, VMware relationship is a great opportunity for us to quickly deploy end-to-end cloud solutions. Their leading technologies and deep integration leads to a lower TCO, a better investment protection, increased business agility and improved productivity for our customers."
- Istvan Simon, Managing Director, S&T Consulting Hungary
"Virtual dynamic data center computing environments offer huge opportunities in terms of cost savings and flexibility, but they also come with their own set of challenges. The Cisco, NetApp, and VMware relationship is a significant benefit to Datalink. Their open partner ecosystem approach and innovative solutions—like secure multi-tenancy—provide significant market opportunity for us to leverage our deep data center expertise as we deliver solutions to our customers. We are able to help organizations mitigate the risks associated with adopting a cloud computing model so they can realize the full potential of their data center transformation."
- Shawn O'Grady, Executive Vice President of Strategy and Operations, Datalink
"From a technical point of view the Cisco, NetApp, VMware Alliance does far more than just connect the dots. The new technologies that they are offering like end-to-end FCoE support, VMware integration and broad management functionality, are the key features which are making this cloud solution quickly and easily buildable and deployable."
- Istvan Gyenes, Storage Group Manager, S&T Consulting Hungary
"Most of our data center clients are seeking to migrate into a hybrid cloud architecture that will provide them the benefits of both private and public virtualization. The architecture created by Cisco, NetApp, and VMware creates a platform we can deliver with confidence that mitigates risks associated with adopting a comprehensive cloud computing model."
- Andrew Cadwell, VP of Sales, INX