Media and Entertainment Storage Solutions

Manage content repositories, stream video, analyze viewer trends, and build out IT infrastructures with NetApp storage.

Content Repositories

The world's largest television and Internet media delivery repositories rely on NetApp storage. Depending on your bandwidth, geographic dispersion, and enterprise needs, NetApp can architect an on-premises, global private cloud solution for you. Or we can help you move to and between cloud services.

IP Television

If you’re looking to add cloud DVR, NetApp storage platforms can help. The NetApp® storage portfolio provides choice of SAN, NAS, or object storage—all with dense capacity packaging, high video throughput rates, and nondisruptive scaling.

Internet and Social Media Delivery

Internet music-delivery and photo-sharing sites are growing fast, and they can't afford delays for infrastructure maintenance or upgrades. NetApp clustered Data ONTAP® and StorageGRID® systems provide nondisruptive and infinite scale out for social media sites.