NetApp software development and data management solutions accelerate innovation and time to market while reducing costs.

The software development lifecycle generates enormous amounts of data and boosts demands for storage and data management. Leading software development innovators worldwide rely on NetApp® data storage solutions to speed delivery of their products while driving down costs.

Accelerating software development innovation and time to market. NetApp data storage solutions ensure consistent peak IT performance, enable collaborative and agile development, and deliver continuous data availability. NetApp FlexVol® technology pools storage resources for allocating storage on demand.

By combining the just-in-time storage advantages of thin provisioning with policy-based control, the NetApp Data ONTAP® operating system provides application-level flexibility.

Reducing costs. NetApp helps lower total cost of ownership (TCO) by providing software development teams with optimal data performance, scalability, interoperability, availability, and protection. NetApp solutions also increase developers’ productivity, reduce operating costs through improved asset utilization, shorten software development cycles, and deliver a flexible storage environment–which all help to reduce software development costs.