NetApp’s portfolio of innovative data management solutions can help financial firms adapt to fast-changing environments.

Financial services firms face exponential data growth, evolving regulations, increased competition, and fluctuating customer demands. NetApp and our mobile, cloud, big data, and flash technologies can help you run and grow your business, even with flat or shrinking IT budgets.

More than 9,000 financial services firms worldwide rely on NetApp® solutions. Our integrated data infrastructure simplifies operations, provides efficient data storage, protects data at scale, and reduces time to market for new applications. We help you respond to change with speed and agility.

Banking institutions confront new regulations, increased use of mobile apps and social media, more customer-centric banking, and changing business models. NetApp technology underlies the risk management, real-time data analytics, and cloud computing solutions that banks need to compete and win in today’s markets.

Financial Markets
Investors and traders need simplified, scalable IT solutions to tackle rapid change and fierce global competition. NetApp and our partners deliver the high-performance computing, big-data analytics, and flash-based performance required to model, analyze, assess risk, and achieve regulatory compliance in real time, without sacrificing efficiency or reliability.

Fast-moving regulatory environments and customer demands are forcing insurance companies to improve their analytical models to better compute risks and determine profitable cost structures. NetApp’s big-data analytics, in combination with our efficient data management technologies, can give insurance firms a competitive edge.