NetApp DevOps Solutions

Startup speed. Focused innovation. Ongoing insight. NetApp DevOps solutions drive enterprise-wide business gains.

To compete in today’s hyper-paced environment, you can’t afford scalability bottlenecks, provisioning delays, or inadequate test and automation tools. The shift to DevOps—a methodology bridging development and operations—marks a major change in how software is developed.

NetApp adopted the DevOps paradigm early on, piloting an internally created environment called “CodeEasy.” By automating provisioning of development and QA workspaces across our 2,000-strong, globally dispersed community, CodeEasy has created real operational and productivity gains.

DevOps uses automation and self-service provisioning—both on premises and in cloud—to get developers the resources they want, when they need them, in ready-to-use development workspaces. Because DevOps emphasizes open source and use of APIs for integration, developers can access a rich set of data management tools to streamline application development and testing.

  • Accelerate time-to-market for new applications and services.
  • Reduce risk with improved code quality.
  • Streamline development through repeatable processes and best practices.
  • Enhance collaboration across development teams. 

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