Backup and Recovery

Our Snapshot and replication technology handles backup and recovery—on premises or in the cloud.

Choose NetApp® backup and recovery solutions to safeguard your critical data. Drive operational efficiencies by reducing backup time, improving data recovery, and cutting infrastructure, tape, and administrative costs. Use our Snapshot® and replication technologies to simplify virtualization and big data management.

NetApp backups transfer only new or changed blocks. This approach allows you to shrink backup windows, minimize network traffic, and reduce disk capacity requirements by up to 90%.

For more information on the NetApp backup and recovery portfolio, visit:

  • AltaVault appliance: Cloud-integrated storage appliance that leverages public and private clouds as part of your backup and archive strategy
  • Snapshot software: Point-in-time copy technology that makes instant data copies while your applications keep running
  • SnapVault® software: Core replication-based disk-to-disk (D2D) backup for NetApp FAS systems
  • SnapManager® software: Simplified backup, cloning, and restore for enterprise applications and operating environments
  • SnapProtect® software: Comprehensive backup management across disk and tape for NetApp FAS systems