NetApp Private Storage for Cloud

Expand your cloud choices - Connect to many clouds and switch clouds at any time.

When it comes to cloud, one thing is clear: Enterprise customers demand choice and control. That’s why NetApp® Private Storage (NPS) for Cloud solutions are designed to keep you in control. 

Get cloud on your terms. Use multiple, industry-leading clouds while maintaining complete control over your data on dedicated, private NetApp storage. Choose from solutions for an expanding NetApp network of cloud service providers, including:

Switch at any time. With an NPS approach, you put your data “next to” multiple clouds in Equinix data centers. Once you make your first cloud connection you can add or switch to any or all of them—in minutes—using the Equinix Cloud Exchange.

Own and control your data. You can meet your data compliance and sovereignty requirements because you know where your data is located at all times.