On-Premises Storage Solutions

Retain the security of your on-premises IT infrastructure while moving some applications or workloads to the cloud.

What if you want to take advantage of cloud storage solutions for their simplicity of scale and management—but legal, privacy, confidentiality, performance, or other factors require that you keep your data and applications on premises?

Using a Data Fabric enabled by NetApp, you can enjoy the best of both on-premises storage solutions and cloud resources while moving toward a hybrid cloud infrastructure. You can:

  • Get scale-out, programmable block storage for performance-sensitive applications with the fully automated SolidFire® cloud-scale architecture.
  • Establish an on-premises object storage infrastructure for cloud applications built for AWS S3 by using StorageGRID® Webscale. Achieve policy-based data placement across data centers and data storage tiers at cloud speed.
  • Use NetApp’s portfolio of storage solutions across block, object, and file to build a fully self-service OpenStack® private cloud.
  • Accelerate your path to the hybrid cloud with the scalable, enterprise-grade VMware® Private Cloud.
  • Deploy cloud-based data center infrastructure, applications, and services using Microsoft® private cloud solutions.
  • Simplify data storage operations both on premises and across clouds using NetApp® ONTAP® 9 data management software.

Find out more about using the Data Fabric to realize the full potential of the hybrid cloud PDF.