NetApp Private Storage for Microsoft Azure

Harness the power and control of a hybrid cloud solution from NetApp and Microsoft Azure.

NetApp® Private Storage for Microsoft® Azure PDF combines the elasticity and savings of public cloud with the performance, availability, and security of dedicated enterprise storage.

Put your data next to the cloud for performance and security. Own your storage and control your data at all times. Placing your NetApp storage in an Equinix Tier 1 datacenter next to Azure gives you physical and environmental security, along with performance. Azure ExpressRoute connectivity between NetApp storage and Azure improves throughput by 36% compared to VPN over the Internet.

Match compute resources to utilization. Use Azure for enterprise and variable compute workloads. Change your mix of public and private cloud resources to meet peak or seasonal workloads without unnecessary CAPEX.

Gain multi-cloud data mobility. Move data between cloud providers. Microsoft System Center and NetApp PowerShell Toolkit enable management and mobility of data between private cloud and your private storage connected to Azure.

Accelerate innovation and time-to-market. Leverage the speed and flexibility of Azure compute for dev test, then run your application on Azure or deploy it on-premises.