Cloud Storage Solutions

Your data-powered future lies in the hybrid cloud. Wherever you are today—with an on-premises IT environment that’s poised for cloud capabilities, already using the hybrid cloud, or fully committed to a public cloud infrastructure—use the Data Fabric powered by NetApp to optimize the value of your data.

On-Premises Storage

Retain the security of your on-premises IT infrastructure while taking advantage of cloud storage simplicity, scale, and flexibility for specific applications or workloads. Move at your own pace toward the hybrid cloud.

Hybrid Cloud Storage

Hybrid Cloud Storage

Accelerate your business by taking your hybrid cloud infrastructure to the next level. Access your applications and data where they fit best across on-premises, hosted, and public cloud environments.

Public Cloud Storage

Stay 100% in the cloud while maintaining greater control and visibility of your data. Move, store, and manage data back and forth simply between cloud and on-premises resources—as needed, when needed.

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