Cloud Sync Software-as-a-Service

Move and synchronize data between your storage and AWS Simple Storage Service (S3) using this complete SaaS offering.

The challenges of managing data across on-premises data centers and Amazon Web Services (AWS) are not insignificant. But the NetApp® Cloud Sync service is designed to help you address them. Cloud Sync is a complete Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offering that gives you a simple and rapid way to move, convert, and synchronize your file-based data with AWS S3.

Choose your dataset. The Cloud Sync service handles the rest. Then set up your sync calendar. The Cloud Sync SaaS handles the rest. No software to install. No equipment needed. Cloud Sync is a fast, on-demand method to get your data into the cloud.

Now it’s easier for you to use the cloud for your data driven decision-making processes. Get your data into the right format and the right location to take advantage of SaaS features such as data analytics, data warehousing, or the cloud service of your choice.

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