Couchbase Server Solutions

Deploy Couchbase on NetApp EF-Series for fast, available, flexible storage to handle mission-critical NoSQL applications.

A fast, flexible database like Couchbase demands an equally fast and flexible, enterprise-class storage platform to accommodate the rising adoption of NoSQL. NetApp® EF-Series and the all-flash E2800 storage for Couchbase delivers the low latency you need for real-time big data or Internet of Things use cases.

Expect high availability, simplified setup, data encryption, and tremendous flexibility: You can scale the compute independently of storage—saving operations costs—and mix different drive types for performance or capacity workloads.

NetApp delivers shorter rebuild times, consistent high performance, greater flexibility, and superior ease of management versus commodity servers with internal storage for running Couchbase in production.

Download the NetApp EF-Series and Couchbase technical report PDF to learn more.

Learn why Altoros PDF found NetApp solutions for Couchbase to be a smarter choice for mission-critical applications than commodity servers with internal storage.