Apache Cassandra Database Solutions

Get massive scalability, high performance, and continuous uptime—simply and securely—with the Cassandra NoSQL database.

Modern applications operate in social, mobile, big data analytics, and cloud—that is, third platform—IT environments that make complex demands on your data management. Scale your applications easily, while maintaining the highest levels of performance and uptime, by using the Apache Cassandra NoSQL database on your choice of NetApp® data storage systems.

Match your Apache Cassandra needs to the NetApp platform that best fulfills them. For instance, deploy Cassandra:

  • On E-Series storage systems, including the all-flash E2800 and EF560, for submillisecond-latency workloads requiring exceptional read and write performance
  • On FAS and All Flash FAS systems for moving high-performance application data securely across data centers and from flash to disk to cloud
  • On NetApp SolidFire® all-flash arrays for scale-out deployments with guaranteed application performance and capacity on demand

Innovate at scale, confidently, by using NetApp storage systems and the massively scalable Apache Cassandra NoSQL database.

To learn more about NetApp Apache Cassandra database solutions, read the Cassandra on Data Fabric Enabled by NetApp PDF technical report.