Distributed Content Repositories

NetApp distributed content repositories let you manage billions of objects across sites, using metadata.

NetApp® distributed content repositories can help you manage big data intelligently across geographies. Content is growing fast, and objects that must be stored are increasing in both size and lifespan. To help you meet this challenge, we provide content-repository solutions with data scalability, enterprise reliability, and intelligent object management.

  • Store petabytes of data in a multi-site, global object namespace.
  • Reduce OPEX while meeting corporate, regulatory, and user requirements.
  • Reduce infrastructure size and complexity and simplify administration.
The NetApp Distributed Content Repository solution leverages the rich metadata capabilities of NetApp StorageGRID® software to distribute data to the most appropriate physical location, minimizing latency. Our E-Series storage systems feature ultra-dense disk drive and shelf technology to reduce space requirements by up to 60%. Their intelligent power-efficiency design can lower power and cooling costs by up to 10%.