NetApp Solutions for SAP HANA Appliance

Get a high-performance, scalable SAP HANA appliance on a Cisco or Fujitsu platform with NetApp unified storage.

The SAP® HANA in-memory database lets you process vast amounts of transactional, analytical, and application data in real-time using a computer’s main memory. NetApp® solutions for SAP HANA ease your transition to this technology: Get a high-performance, scalable SAP HANA appliance right out of the box—with your choice of Cisco® or Fujitsu® platform.

Start with the storage infrastructure you need today and scale as demand rises. Our solutions deliver increased flexibility and infinite “building-block” scale-out capabilities. Correlate SAP HANA data with data from external systems—via a shared NetApp storage platform—to improve your decision-making.

With the integration of the NetApp Snap Creator® Framework plug-in, NetApp provides data backup, restore, and recovery capabilities within seconds for SAP HANA. Protect your business data with ease and efficiency—without affecting overall system performance.

NetApp partners with Cisco and Fujitsu to deliver certified SAP HANA solutions validated with NetApp storage. You benefit from our combined technical expertise and support.

Learn more about Cisco and NetApp PDF and Fujitsu and NetApp PDF solutions for SAP HANA.

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