Solutions for SAP HANA Tailored Datacenter Integration (TDI)

Certified NetApp storage systems for SAP HANA TDI offer performance and data protection.

NetApp offers a portfolio of data storage solutions certified for the SAP® HANA TDI model. Look to certified NetApp® FAS and E-Series storage systems for ease of management, scalability, high availability, disaster recovery, and data protection.

For fast backups, restore, and disaster recovery, choose FAS storage:

  • Storage-based snapshots let you backup, restore, and recover your SAP HANA data in seconds.
  • Replicate your critical business data via NetApp Snap Creator Framework plug-ins to enable fast and efficient disaster recovery.
  • Synchronous data replication through integration with NetApp MetroCluster software provides disaster tolerance and continuous availability with zero data loss—keeping SAP HANA running in the event of unplanned outages.

NetApp FAS series storage systems provide the persistent data storage area for SAP HANA. These storage systems can back up multiple versions of data in seconds—without impacting overall system performance.  Restoring the data is equally fast and efficient, enabling continuous business processes.