Internet of Things (IoT) and Big Data Solutions for SAP

Connect devices or Internet of Things across your entire data infrastructure. Accelerate your analytics. Store unstructured data and keep it available.

The Internet of Things (IoT), which extends compute and network capabilities to objects, sensors, and everyday items not normally considered computers, is reshaping our world. Today, the ever-expanding universe of connected devices includes everything from pipelines to electric meters, blood pressure gauges, automotive robots, cars, cities, weighing scales, and more. Every day the list of networked objects grows, along with the volume of data they generate and the desire to analyze that data in real time.

We are at the precipice of the next big technology change, where everything is connected and your business operates in real time. Backward-looking batch queries must give way to instant data analytics for your business to stay ahead of the competition. SAP HANA and in-memory computing coupled with NetApp® solutions for HANA enable enterprises to achieve this by eliminating the gap between when analytic data is captured and what is currently occurring. Gain insights more quickly and meet tight enterprise SLAs by using NetApp solutions for SAP HANA.

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