IBM DB2 Backup and Recovery

NetApp backup and recovery solution for DB2 lets you recover data in seconds and meet backup windows at a lower cost.

In a traditional backup or restore operation, the database manager uses operating-system calls to copy data to or from a storage device. NetApp® backup and recovery solution for IBM® DB2 lets you use the storage device to perform the data copying, making backup and restore operations much faster.

Integrated into IBM Data Server is a DB2 ACS API driver for NetApp storage systems that leverages NetApp SnapShottechnology. Snapshot lets you create space-efficient, point-in-time copies of your DB2 data. Starting with DB2 v9.5, you can use NetApp SnapRestore® to revert a failed database to a saved Snapshot copy in a matter of seconds, with no data movement required.

You can restore from a SnapShot backup using the DB2 native restore database command without needing any additional management software.

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