High-Performance Storage Rack

Simplify HPC with an integrated storage solution from NetApp, built on proven Lustre file-system technology.

NetApp® High-Performance Storage Rack solutions are prepackaged and preconfigured for easy deployment, management, and scaling. You can install your High-Performance Storage Rack solution in just one day and begin using it to analyze data and solve complex problems. NetApp builds on proven Lustre parallel file-system technology to deliver simplified management and extensive analytics.

Our solution is purpose built for high-performance computing workflows to increase the effectiveness and flexibility of your end-to-end processes. Analyzing data collected over time can help you understand usage by user, achieve more accurate planning, and optimize overall system performance.

IT can make or break your company’s ability to capitalize on new opportunities. NetApp leverages fast data collection to enable application-driven tuning to help you achieve greater operating efficiencies. You benefit from an in infrastructure that delivers maximum storage capacity with excellent performance.

Learn more about how NetApp can help you reduce time to market with a pretested, preconfigured High-Performance Storage Rack solution. Contact your local NetApp or partner sales representative today.