Fix data storage problems fast—and avoid future issues—through our industry-leading support services.

Let NetApp and our Services Certified Partners mitigate issues and help keep your enterprise data environment up and running. Our innovative, proactive support works with NetApp® AutoSupport technology to help you stay ahead of risks, reduce the number and severity of support cases, and maximize data storage availability.

NetApp support services include:

  • Hardware warranty. Most NetApp hardware comes with a three-year warranty that includes remote technical support and parts replacement.
  • SupportEdge Standard. Choose this support level for systems that also require software support plus  faster delivery and installation of replacement parts.
  • SupportEdge Premium. For the most demanding IT operations, our Premium support level combines innovative remote troubleshooting and resolution capabilities with expert on-site resources, when needed.
  • SupportEdge Secure. This support level is tailored to the needs of government organizations worldwide that require high security for both classified and nonclassified users.
  • Software Support Plan. This software support for both your NetApp system and host-based software includes not only technical support, but also access to updates and upgrades.

Learn how SupportEdge Services PDF help you maximize the return on your NetApp investment and keep your data available.

For additional details on NetApp's industry-leading support offerings, please refer to the Service Descriptions.

Contact your NetApp representative or Services Certified Partner, or learn more about how NetApp Services can help you with specific business challenges: