Services for Storage Operations

Drive operational excellence, reduce costs, and maximize your IT investment with NetApp services for storage operations.

Data storage is an essential component of your IT infrastructure, and it’s critical that your data be available when and where you need it.

Let NetApp® services help you to maintain and operate your data storage solution so you can focus your IT staff on more strategic initiatives. Delivered through personalized support, onsite storage professionals, remote administration, and managed service offerings, our services for data storage operations include:

  • SupportEdge Services PDF. Optimize your business-critical data storage environments.
  • NetApp Support Account Manager PDF. Reduce risk, minimize issues, and gain operational consistency through this personalized service.
  • Residency Services PDF. Our skilled data storage professionals work as part of your corporate IT team, offering deep NetApp expertise to help you run your business at top efficiency.
  • Storage Optimization Services PDF. Develop the capabilities you need to maintain data storage systems, sustain optimal performance, and improve operational proficiency.
  • Managed Storage Operations Services PDF. Enable better business outcomes through a structured approach to data storage management.

Find out how our experts can help you manage and optimize your storage infrastructure. Contact your NetApp Services representative or Services Certified Partner today.