Services for Storage Modernization

Build a next-generation data storage foundation to enable the Data Fabric, using our services for storage modernization.

Mobile, cloud, software-defined storage, and flash storage technologies are transforming IT. To fully embrace these emerging technologies while protecting your key asset—your data—you need the right foundation on which to evolve your IT infrastructure.

The holistic approach of NetApp® services for data storage modernization can help you:

  • Translate your business goals into a data management strategy.
  • Provide actionable recommendations to transform your IT based on in-depth analysis of your current environment, organization, and processes.
  • Design a future-ready data management architecture and a roadmap for the Data Fabric.
  • Identify the best transformation scenarios, and prepare for a streamlined transition.
  • Choose and deploy the best possible data storage solutions for your organization.
  • Optimize your storage environment for maximum efficiency and performance.

Working collaboratively, NetApp and our Services Certified Partners can deliver the expertise and best practices you need to build your next-generation data storage foundation.

To find out how our experts can help you build a storage foundation for the future, contact your NetApp Services representative today.