Personalized Services

Reduce IT disruptions, improve data storage operations, and resolve issues fast by using a personal support advocate.

Enhance the services provided by NetApp® SupportEdge Premium or SupportEdge Secure for Government services with personalized support from a NetApp Support Account Manager (SAM).

The Support Account Manager works directly with your team to develop deep knowledge of your NetApp data storage environment, business goals, and service history. This knowledge, combined with continual assessment of the health of your IT environment, enables your SAM to reduce IT disruptions by identifying, predicting, and proactively addressing potential risks.

A Support Account Manager helps you optimize your NetApp infrastructure and reduce risk when planning changes in your data storage environment. With a Support Account Manager aligned to your business, you can reduce your operational costs and maximize the return on your data storage infrastructure investments.

Learn how a Support Account Manager PDF can maximize the uptime and efficiency of your data management infrastructure, while speeding issue resolution.

To find out more, contact your NetApp representative or Services Certified Partner today.