Keep ahead of risks no matter where your data lives with NetApp AutoSupport predictive technology.

Maximize availability across your data fabric. From on premises to public or private cloud, industry-leading NetApp® AutoSupport™ is proactive, cloud-based support that provides the deep insight and predictive analytics you need. It’s built into everything we do.

Get actionable intelligence. Sign in to the NetApp support site and access My AutoSupport to see what’s happening in your storage environment. Continuous risk assessments and alerts help you prevent problems before they affect your business.

Enhance performance and availability. Achieve high performance and availability anytime, anywhere, with total health visibility across your data fabric. Reduce downtime with automated case-opening and replacement-part–shipping features.

Deliver better results. Accelerate issue resolution by up to 60%. Reduce P1 cases by up to 85%. AutoSupport users save more than $600M annually.

Solve issues faster. Use AutoSupport OnDemand to automatically upload core files and diagnostics data from your system to the NetApp Support team in real time.

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